October 26, day 107, Camp in snowdrifts in front of the pass

October 26, day 107, Camp in snowdrifts in front of the pass



It was a really cold night today. I stuffed all the clothes into the sleeping bag. But it turned out that during the trip moisture accumulated in the inflatable rug (still monsoon) and this moisture froze by morning. Blowing and folding the rug proved to be a daunting task. I hope that these pieces of ice will not worsen the properties of the carpet, because without it I do not seem to be able to hold out here.


So that the sleeping bag does not become wet from condensate, I covered it with polyethylene on top. It turned out that condensate is formed not only from breathing - moisture from the body passes through the sleeping bag over its entire area. As a result, under polyethylene, the sleeping bag became even wetter than without it. And in the morning covered with a crust of ice.


Since some more fresh snow had been added during the night, our movement speed was further reduced. During the day we were only able to walk 2.5 kilometers. But we have nowhere to go, the only option to get out of here is to go through the pass. The road back is longer and more difficult.


Today we are again standing on the snow, in snowdrifts. There are about 1.5 kilometers left to the pass with a climb of about 400 meters. Hopefully we can get through this tomorrow. But there is a serious question about the passability of the three passes after the base camp of Everest. These are passes with a height of more than 6000 meters and, since there are few tourists this year, it is most likely that, like here, there is no trodden path there. The weather this year is not happy at all, so the risk of getting stuck between these passes is very high. I move through snowdrifts in ordinary trekking boots with Randy Sun membrane socks.

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