Pangboche, November 4

Pangboche, November 4



We left early with the idea of going as far as possible. We abandoned the idea of spending the night in Dingboche, because in this case the transition to the next day turned out to be too long.


In Tukla we met the group "7 Peaks". The guys go to Island Peak for acclimatization before climbing Ama Dablam.


Crossing the river after Tukla looks completely different than a few years ago. Here everything fell apart, the old bridge was carried away by the river. It is necessary to cross the river practically over piles of stones.


We reached Dingboche by 13:00 and quickly went up to the observation deck. From here you can see Island Peak, Lhotse and Makalu. And, of course, a great view of Ama Dablam.


We decided to spend the night in Pangboche. We dropped almost a kilometer of altitude from Gorak Shep and hope for a warm night.


Along with the height, the prices for food, drinks and housing are also slowly falling. In Gorak Shep, a can of beer cost 950-1000 rupees, here the price is already 850-900 rupees. Below it will probably be even cheaper. However, the Everest area is much more expensive than all previously covered sections of the route. Compared to the far west, everything here is three times more expensive.


In the evening the whole valley was covered with clouds. No matter how it rains or snows again...

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