Parking In Front Of The Pass, August 24

Parking In Front Of The Pass, August 24



It rained most of the night. And in the morning on many peaks there was still snow that fell during the night. And this despite the fact that in the vicinity there are almost no peaks exceeding 5500 in height. I am starting to worry about the weather conditions at Dampus Peak (6000m) - we have no ice equipment with us and if Dampus gets covered with snow it will be extremely difficult for us to enter it.


I went to the monastery in Do Tarapa again. Of the interesting differences between this monastery and others - it does not have a statue of Buddha, but there are already two statues of Padmasambhava. And second, there is a large chorten in the monastery, inside of which is another chorten. It is said that in this inner chorten, Padmasambhava sealed the demon he had defeated. The lama confirmed this legend. The monastery made a very pleasant impression, as did its lama. True, he practically does not speak English, he had to use the guide as an interpreter.


To the next village on the route, you need to go through two high passes. We decided that we would get up for the night, based on what time we would be at the first of them.


The first couple of kilometers you can admire the gophers. They are bolder here, but still it is impossible to photograph. The burrows are full, the noses from the burrows periodically protrude, but it is absolutely impossible to guess where the gopher will appear next time. There are many sea buckthorn bushes along the river bank, but, for some reason, there are no berries at all. It seems that the difference in height is small - only a couple of hundred meters.


The gorge is rugged and beautiful. High rocky walls, a river, scarce greenery. The climb to the pass is smooth, but after 5000 meters there is a sharp rise. Actually, exactly at this mark, we decided to spend the night, because it took too much time to overcome the pass and descend to the next possible overnight place. The first time we got up for the night almost immediately after lunch - at 14:30. And it's good that we got up. As soon as the tents were set up, it started to rain. And so it went until the evening with short breaks. I hope we won't be covered with snow at night.


This is the first night at such a high altitude. I hope that I will not get cold and that I will not feel any unpleasant effects associated with a lack of oxygen.


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