Pedi, November 11

Pedi, November 11



And here I am again at the bamboo-banana height. I only had to gain another 700 meters of altitude to the Salpa pass and descend 1.8 kilometers down to the river. The distance was short - only 16 kilometers - but by the evening the forces had completely run out.


From the pass you can clearly see the peak of Nurbur - next to it is the Tashi Labsta pass, which we recently overcame knee-deep in snow.


Near the pass, the entire trail is covered with frost. It is beautiful, but very inconvenient - the stones are very slippery. And in general, it's kind of cool. Plus it's cloudy in the morning.


We stopped for lunch at the pass and I got borscht. It's still delicious, although it's been following me for almost half a year and has survived a deep freeze on Tashi Labst.


Features of Nepalese Jeep


How many people do you think can ride such a jeep at the same time? In our case - 19 people and a two-year-old child. With luggage. In the sense of all 19 people with luggage, not a child. And this miracle of the automotive industry can climb uphill with all this cargo. Not very fast, really.


And the child was thrown to us through the window by his parents with a request to give him to his grandmother in another village along the way.


The road from point A (Yampudin) to point B (Taplezhung) took about 9 hours. During this time, we covered as much as 26 kilometers, if you count in a straight line ...

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