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Piplang, August 3 Part 2


Since we have already passed several climatic zones, we had the opportunity to see the entire processing cycle of the barley crop in manual mode. Without any automation. First, the crop is harvested with sickles and knitted into sheaves. Then the sheaves are taken apart by hand, one spikelet at a time, and the ears are separated from the straw. Then the ears are threshed with hand flails on the roofs of houses.

The next step is to remove debris from the grains. Just in the wind, right off the roof. And the last step is to sift what came out through a sieve. And you can carry grain to the mill and make tsampa out of it. Today we have met quite a lot of water mills. Some are very old, some are fresher.

For lunch, we stopped in the town of Melcham (according to the plan, we were supposed to spend the night here, but decided to move on).

The "restaurant" was right next to the school. And every 5 minutes flocks of schoolchildren began to come running to stare at me. And then their teacher came up with quite passable English. And we immediately found ourselves in a tight circle of local residents, mostly schoolchildren. One uncle, upon learning that I was from Russia, kept repeating something like “Russia is cool! Marx, Lenin, Mao Zedong! "

The teacher suggested not to be surprised at such attention, for it is interesting to look at a person from another country. All the more taller and larger than all of them. Yeah, it's interesting to gaze at the big white talking monkey. We'll have to get used to this too.

We spent the night in a small village near Piplang. I wanted beer, but it wasn't there ... And in the previous village it was, but at $6 per bottle (which is noticeably more expensive than in an expensive restaurant in Kathmandu). 

We are still in an area where you cannot bring goods by car. Everything arrives by airplanes and helicopters, and then spreads to the villages “on its own hump”.

This time we spend the night in a shop combined with a guesthouse. Wonderful place. As I write these lines, a hen with chickens is walking under my bed.


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