Puya, November 7th

Puya, November 7th



At night, the room is already almost hot - as much as 11 degrees Celsius! It is a pity that we will not be at this height for long and will soon go up again.


Victor, with whom we went through a wonderful track around Everest, flew to Kathmandu today. Planes fly and even bring new tourist groups. Their number, however, is small. But the arrival of new tourists inspires hope that the season has not yet ended and that it will not be too cold and snowy until the end of November.


The power bank that Dima Panchenko gave me a long time ago (he was still working at Freedom Finance) suddenly died. Fortunately, there is a spare and in Lukla it was possible to charge it from the network completely and absolutely free of charge.


Today we are following the path that will take you to Lukla if you don't fly there by plane. To the point where you can come from Kathmandu by jeep - about 15 kilometers, but with a fair amount of elevation.


Accordingly, if you don’t want to spend money on a plane, then you can get there that way, but you need to lay an additional four days on the road. The trail is not bad, but caravans of donkeys are constantly moving along it, which creates certain difficulties when moving (and adds color to the trail in the form of heaps of fertilizers and a specific smell).

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