Ringmo, August 20

Ringmo, August 20



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Short walking day. We just need to bypass Lake Foksundo, although we will have to climb 470 meters and then descend back. The shores of the lake are completely sheer cliffs, so it is absolutely impossible to just walk along the shore.


But this ascent makes it possible to look at the lake from a great height. And from this height, the lake makes a completely unreal impression. It seems fake, as if made of plastic.


I will not rewrite the legend about the lake here - you can read it on the project website (http://ghtrail.ru), but local residents really believe that there are treasures at the bottom of the lake that should not be touched, because of them people died when a demoness fleeing from Padmasambhava flooded the valley with turquoise water. It is interesting that there are no living creatures in the lake - neither fish nor algae. Locals consider this fact to be a confirmation of the legend. To be honest, it seems to me that the fish simply cannot rise to the lake, since the only river flowing out of it falls from the height at which it is located in a huge, beautiful waterfall.


The trail runs along the Devil's Trail, famous for the film "The Himalayas". In fact, the locals call it "the path of the demoness," because it was along this path that the demoness ran away from Padmasambhava, who was pursuing her. The trail is impressive. It is a narrow cornice on a sheer cliff. Below is the surface of the lake. In the most "interesting" places, this cornice runs at the height of a one-hundred-story building. Without any railings or railings, of course.


There is an ancient Bonpo monastery on the shore of the lake.


Unfortunately, it was closed. But, not far from the monastery, I noticed a place next to a small chorten, where you can easily walk up to the water (there are few such places, the shores of the lake are very steep) and decided to swim. Since there was no one around, of course, I decided to swim naked. The water is beautiful, invigorating. Basking in the sun after swimming, I turned to the chorten and suddenly saw a lama walking around him, walking towards the monastery. The path to the monastery is one and you cannot go further than the monastery along it. I dressed quickly and ran after the lama. But there was no one near the monastery, the lama mysteriously disappeared somewhere ... It may have seemed, or maybe this is another manifestation of the mystical properties of Lake Foksundo.


The lake is located in a national park. Accordingly, you cannot hunt here, cut trees (there is a lot of relict juniper here), burn fires, and so on. Interestingly, the Nepalese army is involved in order and observance of the regime in the national parks of Nepal, whose units are based near the most important protected objects.

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