the Himalaya x RANDY SUN

Road Builders Camp, August 4


One of the tasks formulated before the start of the project is to see how the "office plankton" will cope with long tracking if you carry the backpack yourself. There is no doubt that this is possible in principle. But if you are not a pro, how will it look in reality? I carry my backpack for 13 days.

Compared to the first days, I walk definitely easier, but I still cannot say that there is a feeling of an easy walk in the Moscow region. Climbing with a significant gain in height is still difficult. Robin Boested, with whom I consulted during the preparation, said that after three weeks on the route, the sensations should change. This opinion coincides with my past experience of long hikes. We'll see in a week.

Today was not just a long and sweaty day. It was the first really wet day. The first few hours we sweated, gaining altitude (now we stopped for the night at an altitude of 3200 meters, gaining 1500 meters per day - a common thing), then we walked for a long time through such a real humid tropical forest. All the trees are covered with moss and lianas, the soil is moist, there are a lot of springs. 

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