Road Builders Camp, August 4  Part 2

Road Builders Camp, August 4 Part 2


In general, the variety of landscapes continues to delight. It is a pity, it will not be possible to convey this splendor in the pictures. And then there was a normal Nepalese monsoon rain. And all the roads turned into streams. In general, in the evening there was water from all sides. Fortunately, the altitude is low and not particularly cold. 

This part of the route is the perfect trekking for those who want to be alone with themselves. There are practically no villages here, locals are extremely rare on the trail, there are no tourists at all.

Periodically, the trail intersects with a road under construction. There is a huge amount of manual labor on construction. They made an impression of a flock of women and adolescents, dragging stones weighing thirty kilograms to the construction site. Men also carry stones, but women and adolescents work with them on an equal footing.

Of the attractions of this site: in addition to a number of abandoned and completely wooded houses. These are already solid plants, 2-3 meters tall. Not like the stunted plants in the higher mountainous regions. Although it may be lower, it just ripens earlier.

Today we went a little further than the planned overnight point, but we could not make up for another day yet.

The transitions are quite difficult due to the huge differences in height. Tomorrow we hope to reach almost to Rara Lake.

Communication is still an ambush. Mobile communications are only supported by voice. The road workers, in whose camp we spent the night, have Wi-Fi, but they basically did not share it.

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