Samagaon, September 23

Samagaon, September 23



Good news today - quarantine has been lifted upon entry to Nepal for vaccinated tourists. So I call again to join me on the trek in the Everest region. In the simplest, but very interesting version, you need to fly to Kathmandu on October 20-21. We will walk together to the Tashi Labsta pass, then we will go to the Gokyo lakes and from there through the Cho La pass pass - to the Everest base camp. Ask questions in a personal - there is still time to make a decision, but it is already a little.


It took 2.5 hours to get from Samdo to Samagaon. The road is good, downhill all the time, but not a very steep incline. Mixed forest and rose hips reappeared. True, it looks a little different here than around Annapurna, but it tastes the same.


There are herds of yaks all around. We even almost ran into a conflict with one of them, when it turned out that he was catching up with his herd, and we were standing in his way. Such a solid yak. We barely managed to get out of the way.


From Samagaon, the trail begins to the Manaslu base camp. It seems that life is in full swing there - helicopters are constantly flying, but there are no noticeable caravans of tourists.


Since we were in Samagaon early, we decided to take a walk around the neighborhood in the afternoon. Among the attractions here are the beautiful Birendra Lake and the monastery. Even I would say a whole complex of monasteries. But, as often happens, the most ancient monastery was closed and we went to the lake. The lake is really beautiful, with clean, but greenish water. It feeds from the Manaslu icefalls, located a kilometer higher.


There are climbers in Samagaon hotels. Almost everyone goes to base camp and prepares for the ascent. I just did not notice tourists walking around Manaslu here. There are many hotels here, but most are closed.


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