Samdo, September 22

Samdo, September 22



No, last night was not the coldest. There was a light snowball all night long, and by morning it hadn't even melted. It didn’t seem to come to a minus point in the tent, but it was definitely colder than yesterday.


We got up at 4 in the morning to go to the neighboring unnamed peak. But, since everything is covered with clouds, we decided to wait for the weather. The weather did not appear even at 7:00. In the end, we decided to try to reach where it would turn out in the hope that it would clear up.


The ascent turned out to be incredibly difficult: a very large slope, stone powder covered with fresh snow, sticky snow (where there is snow). By 9:00 the weather had not improved and I decided to stop self-torture - it is impossible to reach the top in this weather, no interesting photos in the fog can be taken either.


It is no longer possible to wait for the weather for another day or two according to the schedule of the route, and we decided to move on and choose another six-thousander along the way, somewhere in the Everest region.


After the pass, we walked for an hour along the glacial moraine. This time there is a moraine next to a real glacier and even next to a powerful icefall from the side of Manaslu. We did not see Manaslu in the fog, but I hope that we will be able to see it tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If the weather is better, we will go to the Manaslu base camp.


The trail on this side of the pass is much easier than on the other. Much smoother, not especially soggy, and even in many places with a steep slope, stone stairs are made. There are landslides, but they are few and far between. The trail is beautiful. It is a pity that much is not visible due to the clouds. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.


About two hours later, after the pass, we came to the town of Dharmashala. There are many buildings here, but there are absolutely no people. Between the buildings, wild mountain goats graze, which this time allowed them to come rather close to them, but did not eat from their hands.


The snow and fog gradually turned into rain and it ended only when we reached the planned overnight stay in Samdo. It is still sad here with food and communication, but there is hope that tomorrow will be better.


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