Sanam, November 10

Sanam, November 10



We descend into a deep gorge again. There are already real tropics here - huge bamboo and bananas grow, a lot of greenery and flowers. And tropical scents. Many trees are entangled with ivy so that the tree itself is not visible. Warm. Again I walk in a T-shirt and even in one T-shirt it is hot in the sun.


The locals have finished harvesting the corn, and at each house you can see special devices on which they dry the harvested cobs. Many houses grow pamela with almost ripe fruits.


From the bottom of the gorge we climb to the next pass. Today you need to gain 1.5 kilometers of height, and tomorrow get the remaining 500 meters to the very pass. The trail is very beautiful and comfortable. The first 700 meters we climb the stairs made of stones. A beautiful stream runs nearby all the time, small fields with cardamom constantly come across.


We had lunch in the village of Gudel, where the rais live. We can say that this is a natural regional center. Rai are a people who came to Nepal from the east (like the Sherpas), but not from Tibet, but rather from India.


By evening, we climbed to a height of almost 3000 meters and tropical vegetation was replaced by pine forests. And it got a lot colder. The landscape is still beautiful - the trail goes along a very steep slope of the gorge, sometimes the tops of different peaks are shown, one of which is the eight-thousander Makalu.


In the evening it's already +10 degrees in the tent, I'm getting ready for night frosts.

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