Sangda, August 29

Sangda, August 29



It was not possible to enter the Hidden Valley. The closer we got to the entrance to it, the more complex the relief became. The almost steep walls of the gorge made us rise quite high above the river, but even there it was problematic to move along the gorge: every 100 meters we came across another landslide, which delayed us for 20 minutes. But we overcame them quite successfully until we reached it. to the place where the landslide exposed the rocks, going down steeply at an altitude of about 200 meters above the river. All attempts to bypass them ended in failure. Looking at the entrance to the Hidden Valley, we were forced to turn back. However, even if we had passed this section, most likely we would not have been able to overcome the river, which by morning became even larger due to the last night of rain.


We decided to go to the village of Sangda, from where there is a direct road to Jomsom. By lunchtime, clouds covered us and the temperature dropped sharply. We have never been so cold at an altitude of only 4000 meters. Snow, however, did not go, got off with a cold rain. Low clouds accompanied us all the way to Sangda: the clouds started from an altitude of about 3900 meters ...


The place is very beautiful and different again. Here the mountains are very loose and rivers and streams have made huge gorges in them. The rivers are all muddy (apparently, the rains wash the soil into the rivers) and of different shades. One river was generally completely black. And the gorge of this river was also black, of some kind of black loose rock.


In the middle of the day, we unexpectedly came out onto a road under construction, going towards the unfinished road from Dolpo. Apparently, this section of the road is almost ready until Jomsom itself, but there are no bridges on it either. It became easier to walk.


Near Sangda, blue sheep (or mountain goats) were encountered in the fields. In appearance, they are not blue at all, ordinary gray goats. I assumed they might be blue inside. To which the guide explained that they still have a blue tongue. That is, they are really blue on the inside.


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