Saw, October 3

Saw, October 3



In the morning I woke up from the fact that the mistress of the house was praying loudly. The chanting prayers, like the lamas do in monasteries, lasted about half an hour. Well, then, when she started her usual household chores, her work was also accompanied by prayer.


Apparently, there was no rain in this part of the road from Tsum. Therefore, the forest is much drier and we ended our adventure with a visit to this valley by 11 am in the village of Deng. We had dinner, washed ourselves and ran on. And they even managed to catch up with the original schedule by the evening due to landslides bypassing at the entrance to the Tsum Valley.


No tourists were met. But today a huge number of helicopters fly to the Manaslu base camp. It looks like the real action starts there, although the weather is still not very happy.


The road is very beautiful, the banks of the river are mostly steep, there are many waterfalls, some of which are quite impressive in size. Incident: our guide was bitten by wasps. And somehow very strong. I was close, but when he ran, the wasps all flew after him, and, fortunately, I didn't get a single one. They smeared the bites with everything at hand.He says it has become a little easier. Locals say that these wasps are capable of killing a bull if it gets a couple of dozen bites. We can say that the guide got off easily.


Tsum Valley is really interesting. But it is advisable to break into it by the upper path through Durjung and Chumchet in completely dry weather and accompanied by an experienced guide. The trail is very difficult in some places.


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