Syabro Benci, October 10

Syabro Benci, October 10



We went out on the trail with the code name "Heritage of the Tamans". All day I tried to spy out how the Tamans differ from other Nepalese. I saw only skullcaps. Everything else does not seem to stand out in any way. Since the Tamans moved to Nepal from Tibet, the thought even appeared that the word "skullcap" comes from the distorted word "Tibet". Maybe there are connoisseurs of the history of the origin of this headdress?


It's sunny today. And all the way we can admire Langtang and its surroundings. The mountain makes an impression, especially if you look at it from a short distance and a small (only 2000 meters) height.


By 12:00 we reached the local regional center Syabru Benci. It's almost a city, there is even asphalt on the roads. There are also hot springs and a coffee shop with quite decent coffee. We are trying to quickly recuperate in the remaining half day, because tomorrow there will again be a very sharp rise to the sources of the Trisuli River.


Alexey Pashaev, you and I were here a long time ago. So, it seems to me that none of us paid attention to the fact that the river along which we rafted after hiking in the mountains and the river with crocodiles along which we were rolled in boats is the same river Trisuli and it starts from the Goshinkunda lakes.


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