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Tancucce, July 27


Fun fact: the power of the local electrical network is less than that of the solar panel from the S-Module. The same power bank hasn't been full for three hours.

Today we are moving from Khaldzhi by the ancient trade route back in the direction of Simikot. And we are trying to catch up at least one day to the schedule. The road is very good. This is the road from Haldja to Simikot. But no one drives along it in summer: in a couple of places there are no bridges across the river, so you can only drive when the water level in the river is low, that is, from October to May. There is no destruction on the road, apparently the monsoon reached here in a smaller volume than near Simikot.

The road goes near the river, the gorge continues to delight with beauty. There is more water here and it is even tastier.

The next village, Yang, is about 10 km. On such a wonderful road, we reached it in 4 hours. Young is located at an altitude of 4000 meters and is not inferior in size to Haldzhi. And it also gives the impression of a medieval walled city. There is also an ancient monastery here, but it is quite small and rather resembles a chapel. 

After Yang, the Limi Valley ends. The landscape also changes - we walked along the Limi River, which looked like a seething white stream of water in a narrow channel or in a canyon. And after Young, the river floods, becomes calm and even has a different name. Really, as if you go further along another river.

About an hour's journey after Yang, there is a glade with hot springs. The spring is well equipped, the meadow also has various amenities (there is even a stone toilet). The water is of an acceptable temperature, it smells a little of something like sulfur. If we hadn't been behind schedule, we could have stood there a little longer: fill the bathtub with hot water and relax to the fullest. But we are running on, there is only time to wash.

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