Tarepati, October 13

Tarepati, October 13



It was cool at night, only 2 degrees Celsius. The tent was covered with frost, but the inside was dry. However, as soon as the sun came out, the temperature rose sharply and I went out onto the trail in one T-shirt and a windbreaker.


In the morning, helicopters with pilgrims began to arrive at the lake. They get out of the helicopter, go around the lake from time to time screaming to attract the attention of Shiva, hang out for some time near the temple and fly back to Kathmandu.


We left the lake at 8:00 am. The trail is very beautiful: 200 meters above the lake, there is an excellent panorama of the lakes and of the eight-thousanders in the distance. There are many lakes here. About five just on the way to the pass. And judging by the map, there are several dozen of them.


Most of the downhill trail has been improved, steps have been made on steep descents. But the steps are very different: if up to a place called Pedi the steps were made as if by dwarfs, then after Pedi the road was paved by bigger guys. It is quite difficult to walk up the steps under half a meter, although it is more convenient than if there were none at all.


From Pedi you can enjoy views of several mountain ranges that extend into the lowlands of Nepal. And beyond one of these ridges lies the Kathmandu Valley, which gives itself out as a huge cloud of smog.


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