Tashi Labst Camp, October 27

Tashi Labst Camp, October 27



Toothpaste froze overnight. It seems to be getting colder every day. Or it makes itself felt that they spent the night on ice covered with snow. Tonight I covered the sleeping bag on top with a thick puff. It turned out well, but even after two rugs it felt cold from below.


In the morning we went to the pass. We had to walk only 3 kilometers, but we spent most of the day on the first one and a half kilometers: we had to walk in deep snow, and climb steep ice walls (in some places they hung ropes), and wander in crampons through a labyrinth of cracks in the glacier . By 15:00, without much loss, we coped with the eighteenth five-thousandth pass (Tashi Labsta, 5,755 meters). I just tore down my downy pants with cats because when walking through snowdrifts I had to raise my legs very much.


After the pass we descended to the Tashi Labsta base camp and met there with Victor Lee and Purba Sherpa. Further part of the route we will go together. We had to refuse to climb Pakchermo peak - on the descent from the pass we met two groups who wanted to go to Pakchermo, but could not go much further than Tashi Labst because of the same deep fresh snow.


We will spend the night at Tashi Labsta's base camp and tomorrow we will move to the Everest area.

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