The Bank Of The Chyandi Kola River, August 13

The Bank Of The Chyandi Kola River, August 13


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We spent the night at the foot of a huge stone wall. And in the morning it turned out that we had to pass through it into the neighboring valley, since the other way is extremely difficult because of the high water in the rivers.

You won't be able to write much about this day. It was an extremely difficult path, it was absolutely impossible to think about anything other than “not falling off a cliff or into a thorny bush”. The first time it turned out that it was almost equally difficult to walk up and down and horizontally. Up and down we climbed forest paths with an incline of 40 degrees, and horizontally walked through meadows and forests - the grass clung to our legs, creating the feeling of walking in deep snow. In addition, almost all vegetation is abundantly spiked. From time to time I had to climb the rocks, and sometimes at a fair height. 

The entire day required maximum concentration of attention on the trail. And without trekking sticks, I probably, in principle, would not have coped with this area.

It was a real challenge, which ended with a crossing of an icy river at the very end of the day. I was not too lazy and put on RANDY SUN membrane socks. They kept warm almost to the very end of the crossing. True, now it is necessary to solve the drying problem, because membrane socks dry slowly.

At lunchtime we were in a hurry to have time to reach the crossing before the water rose. Therefore, instead of dalbat, the guys decided to limit themselves to noodle soup. But to make it more pompous, everyone added tsampa to their soup. They ate it with pleasure.


In the evening we completely left the forest zone and stopped for the night on the bank of the river at an altitude of 4500 meters. We have never spent the night so high, I am preparing for a cold night.

We are already on the territory of the Shay Poksundo National Park, but we have not yet entered Dolpo, while we are wandering around Mug.

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