But today the expectations of cloudy weather were fully justified. Woke up in thick clouds. And, accordingly, the whole day we walked through a damp forest with very limited visibility.

There is not much to say about today. The path to the pass was largely destroyed by landslides, so we had to climb a muddy bypass path. It took almost three hours to get to the pass. After the pass, the trail is equipped in some places, but for the most part it is an ordinary forest trail. Where the trail is developed, the construction of the road, apparently, took place by simply throwing stones into the mud and then trampling them with yaks. Walking along such a “road” is sometimes even more difficult than along an undeveloped path. Yes, the roads to the southern base camp of Kanchenjunga are much worse than those to the north. Here the paths are more difficult, and there are noticeably fewer loggias (if not to say that there are almost none at all).

According to the map, we had to walk a little more than 11 kilometers. According to the pedometer, we walked 21 kilometers - the trail goes in a serpentine along a very steep mountainside and the map does not notice this serpentine. We arrived at Yampudin at 14:30, that is, we walked for about seven hours. The sun didn't come out until evening. But it didn't rain either.

There is electricity in Yampudin (after 17:00), but there is still no connection and there is almost no food - we eat dalbat again. Locals say that there is nothing, because the season has already ended and no one is buying food for tourists. It is possible that a month earlier the choice was richer.

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