November 27, Ilam

November 27, Ilam



Ilam seemed like an ordinary boring and dusty Nepalese town. They say that it is very popular with tourists, but I have not met a single tourist here. I could not find a restaurant where I would like to go in the city center. Maybe a lot of places are just closed due to the coronavirus and Saturday. There are soon local elections and the whole city is covered with leaflets of communist parties. The Communists seem to have a very strong position in the outlying areas of Kathmandu.

We walked around the tea plantations and go to Badrapur. Locals do not drink local tea - it's expensive. Everything that is collected is sent to Kathmandu and for export. They are not allowed to take pictures of the collection process, they swear - like they don’t want their pictures to appear on social networks or somewhere else.

I managed to drink tea only in a local tea shop, without any amenities. The tea is good: but not cheap - golden tips cost 1200 rupees ($10) for 100 grams.
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