Tso Rolpa, October 23

Tso Rolpa, October 23



Tso Rolpa is a large lake at an altitude of 4600 meters, from which the Rolvaling River begins. It is considered one of the attractions of the track in the Rolwaling Valley. But here it is not so much the lake that is beautiful (unlike the previous lakes, the water here is completely muddy), but the peaks and glaciers surrounding it.


We reached the lake at 11 am and decided to stop to rest and spend the night next to it. An excellent opportunity to dry things in the sun, and to gain strength before the next difficult stage of the route will not even hurt.


It's cold here. Behind the stones in the shade lies a snowball, but in the sun it is very comfortable. Good camping, there is even a house (albeit heavily littered) and a toilet. The lake is behind a high ridge (the remains of a melted glacier) and it is not cold from it. But there is a clear stream nearby.


The road to the lake is very comfortable, with steps and signs. But all this joy, apparently, ends here. A meteorological station and a power station were built on the shore of the lake, but further there will be no elements of civilization.


Drying and charging batteries from solar panels continued with us until 14:00, and then the whole valley was covered with clouds and we decided to just have an early dinner and go to bed.


While lightly tried to sew up holes in sneakers. Unsuccessfully. You need a very powerful needle or awl, but I didn’t have anything suitable at hand. Then I will go in boots and I hope that they will last until the end of the route.


For additional insulation, I currently use thicker Randy Sun socks, gloves and a second sleeping bag The North Face - Gold Kazoo. Yesterday, the construction of two sleeping bags showed quite a decent result, but the next nights will obviously be much colder.

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