Tumlingar, November 12

Tumlingar, November 12



We went down another mile. There are no signs of autumn here - it is warm, flowers and greenery are everywhere. Paradises also live here, and at this height the main crop is rice. He just ripened and the harvest is in full swing. Rice is cut and left to dry right on the field. But the sheaves are not knitted, they simply put the cut stems on the ground, or hang them along the edges of the terraced fields.


Still everywhere there is a collection of some mysterious nuts. They don't seem to be eaten, but used in religious rituals. They are said to be very expensive, especially if they are large.


Lots of thatched houses. The straw, of course, is rice and does not seem to hold up very well in heavy rain - many roofs are additionally covered with polyethylene. Since the houses here are often plastered with clay, together with the thatched roof.


We met a tourist on the road, who also goes along the Great Himalayan Trail, but started from Kanchenjunga. Since it is November in the yard, I think that he will go the trail in parts.

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