Upper. Darapani, September 17

Upper. Darapani, September 17



It's raining again. And it's cold, despite the fact that we have already descended below 3000 meters. Today in Darapani we are completing the classic trek to the Naar-Fu valley. And in Darapani, new guides are waiting for us who will help me climb the top of the six-thousander in the area of the Larke la pass near Manaslu.


The road to Darapani is quite simple: you can walk along the road, or you can take a shortcut along the old tourist trail in places, it is also quite comfortable, although slippery because of the rain.


Part of the road is badly damaged by landslides. The worst landslide destroyed a dozen houses and is still periodically moving. It looks like it will take a long time to restore the road. The road is completely cleared only after the Lower Darapani.


The electrical network was destroyed along with the road. All electricity in the area is provided by solar panels. The food situation is better here than in Naar Fu, but nevertheless the choice is extremely scarce. On the way in a brand new hotel we were fed quite tasty onion soup with boiled eggs and tomato salad.


Darapani is located at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level. The previous time I descended to such a low altitude more than a month ago. It's warm here even when it's cloudy. Also, the Kangaroo Hotel in Darapani has the best hot shower since I left Nepalganj. The water is heated by a gas water heater, the water temperature is regulated by its pressure. The pressure, which provides a temperature of 38 degrees, is sufficient for comfort in the shower.


The newly arrived team of guides brought fresh food from Kathmandu and today we have a great dinner with fresh chicken soup, salad with mayonnaise and a bunch of fruits (watermelons, pineapples, papaya). And with delicious cheese that you can cut, not just chop.

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