Could RANDY SUN Do Something To Prevent Trench Foot?

Could RANDY SUN Do Something To Prevent Trench Foot?

Trench foot or immersion foot is a type of tissue damage caused by prolonged exposure to cold and wet conditions. It leads to swelling, pain, and sensory disturbances in the feet. It can lead to damage to the blood vessels, nerves, skin, and muscle.

Trench foot results from exposure to temperatures of between 0°C to 15°C and the risk increases if the feet are also wet. It occurs when low temperatures restrict blood flow to the affected area.

The severity of the injury will depend on the degree of cold, the wetness of the tissue, and how long a person was exposed to the conditions.

Military personnel are the most likely to be affected, and there is a suggestion that military stress contributes to the development of trench foot. Trench foot has also been known to occur among people that fish for a living.

Prevention is always more sensible and less costly than cure. Hydration, nutrition, shelter, and suitable waterproof protective socks are necessary to prevent trench foot.

muddy waterproof socks


When getting ready for outdoor activities, tips include:

  • Keeping the body warm
  • Removing shoes and socks twice a day to dry and massage the feet
  • Never sleeping in wet shoes or socks (this is never to happen with our waterproof socks)
  • Drying wet socks against the skin before putting them on if there is no other option
  • Keeping feet out of water or mud wherever possible
  • Responding to any tingling quickly
  • Wearing loose footwear to allow for circulation

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