How Can Waterproof Socks Be Anti Odor?

Before reading this post, please note that odor-resistance is totally different from deodorization. Deodorization is to remove the peculiar smell by chemical deodorant. This means that smell has generated. But when we mention anti-odor function for RANDY SUN waterproof socks, it means we use anti-bacteria yarn to suppress the smell. This process takes effect before generating the smell.

You know it makes sense. Our feet are clean when we stay at home, then we put on RANDY SUN waterproof socks and go outdoor. The anti-bacterial&odor-resistant inner layer restrains the growth and reproduction of microbe, avoid changing their properties to decrease the smell. Keep your feet hygienic and healthy after working or training the whole day. Avoid embarrassment in team activities.

Ultra thin waterproof socks is coming soon. Its thickness is very close to normal socks. Stay tuned!


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