How To Choose Face Cover For Cycling

how to wear face cover

Are you annoyed with dusts and insects when cycling? It is a good idea to wear a face cover or neck gaiter (you can pull up the neck gaiter over your mouth). But how to choose a suitable face cover?

Just like workout clothes, you’d better choose face covers made from lightweight, moisture-wicking materials. The best cover for working out will wick away sweat from skin, to make your face comfortable and dry. You’ll want covers with a bit of stretch too. It ensures that your cover stays in place, moving with you on your cycling rather than sliding off.

All of the picks on our list are made from highly breathable materials, so you’ll never feel suffocated even if the fabric is over your nose and mouth.

Whether you’re on a jog or bike ride, you’ll be in motion, so you want a face cover with a snug fit. Face cover with ear loop around the ears are great. Some neck gaiters that fit around your neck and you can pull up the material over the mouth. There are also balaclava-style coverings that can be worn like a hood, with an extra section that covers your face as well.

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