How We Did Waterproof Socks Better

RANDY SUN waterproof socks. Designed and constructed with three layer RS-tech which makes the socks 100% waterproof, breathable and windproof. The outer material is made from a seamless blend of nylon and elastane. With durability and elastic features, these socks provide a comfortable and supportive fit.

randy sun waterproof socks 3 layers

Inner lining is moisture wicking Coolmax which can absorb sweat from skins, reduce the chance of blistering, reduce odor in socks. Effectively relieve athlete's foot / beriberi during various work & sports, avoid inconvenience and embarrassing situations in camping, military training, travel and other team activities.

There is a powerful function membrane between the inner and outer layer. It provides 100% waterproof protection without any coating. The membrane is light weight and highly breathable.

Breathable & waterproof socks keep your feet dry and comfortable all the day. Improve your performance in outdoor activities than usual socks. What’s more, waterproof socks avoid direct touch between your feet skins and dirty water. More hygienic and healthy choice for outdoor sports!

Suddenly a good question occurs to you, “How can we wash the waterproof socks?”. Let us explain, a contributing factor to 100% waterproofness is the middle function membrane. It prevents water passing thought the socks. But outer and inner layer are both normal materials, of course we can wet and wash them. Just remember to wash with cold water. And machine washable!


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