Size Guide / Waterproof Socks

Size Guide / Waterproof Socks

What Is The Length Of Waterproof Socks?


Size Chart

Size USA Men USA Women UK Europe CM
XS 5-7 6-8 3-5 35-38 20-22
S 7.5-9.5 8.5-11 6-8 39-42 22-24
M 10-12.5 11.5-13.5 9-11 43-46 24-26
L 13-15 14-16 12-14 47-50 26-28


size chart


Hey guys, if you are confused about the size, send an email to We'd love to help you.

Please note that waterproof socks are a little bit thicker than normal socks. We also have thin waterproof socks for warm season if you need. 


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Explain these points to me.

What is the degree of compression of the stocking?
How do you know if it is the correct size?
Instead of a table of measurements, of which I do not know which one applies to me, it is better to implement a method that allows people to clearly understand their size based on measurements taken by themselves.

Julio Naranjo

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