Washing Instructions / Waterproof Socks

washing waterproof socks

Ok. We received a lot of emails and comments to ask, how can you wash waterproof socks? Good question! The answer is, WASH MACHINE!

Seriously, in order to answer this question, you need to know the materials and technology of RANDY SUN waterproof socks. Designed and constructed with three layer RS-tech which makes the socks 100% waterproof and breathable. The powerful function membrane between the inner and outer layer provides 100% waterproof protection without any coating. So in fact this membrane prevents water from passing through the socks. 

And the inner and outer layer are both common materials such as nylon, Coolmax and elastic materials. Of course you can wet and wash the socks. If there are sands or grass on the surface of the socks, just rinse them with water first. Don’t let them mess up your other clothing. Then throw the socks into your wash machine. Water temperature should be below 40 degree centigrade.

Please remember, we know sometimes you don’t have enough time to do that. But the best way to wash and care your waterproof socks is still hand wash under normal temperature.

And do not iron, dry clean or tumble dry but hang to dry after spin-dry in ventilated place.


wash waterproof socks




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