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RANDY SUN Merino Wool Knee High Waterproof Socks With Cuff Water Seal

RANDY SUN Merino Wool Knee High Waterproof Socks With Cuff Water Seal

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Merino wool padded thermal knee high waterproof socks! Premium Merino wool cushioned terry loop at the soles of the socks keep your feet dry and super warm in cold weather. Like walking on a cloud! 

What is Merino wool really good at? It helps keep your body at a stable temperature. When it’s cold outside, the natural crimps and bends in its fibers trap air, insulating your feet. When it’s warm outside, it transports sweat away from the skin, helping to keep you cool and dry. These knee high waterproof socks are ideal for water crossing activities and sports.

Reusable, Removable, Adjustable Water Stop Seal Belt

As the name suggests, a water stop seal belt acts to stop water from going into your waterproof socks from the top. These light weight & easy to carry water stop seal belts are totally game changer. They provide extra water protection for sock cuffs of waterproof socks. 

Your must-have for cycling, MTB and running on heavy rainy days, or waterfall hikes and stream/river crossing! Absolutely a comfortable and flexible solution for all of your leaky waders and shoes!


  • Please don’t use these removable seal belts on other waterproof socks.
  • In order to ensure the sealing effect, we used a very strong hook and loop. Please DO NOT touch the hook side to the socks to avoid fuzzing.
  • The hook and loop part will become a little fuzzy after use, it does not affect the adhesion, these belts are reusable.
  • When you continue to use the water stop seal belt for a long time, or you feel that the water stop seal belt is too tight, please loosen the belt.

RS-TEX, Three-Layer Construction

We choose Eco-friendly materials to reduce pollution to the environment.

  • Outer Layer: 61% Nylon, 32% Polyester, 7% Elastane. Durable, Flexible.
  • Middle Layer: 100% Waterproof And Breathable Membrane.
  • Inner Layer: 42% Merino Wool, 42% Acrylic, 12% Polyester,4% Elastane

thermal waterproof socks

Breathable & Windproof & Waterproof Socks

Merino wool inner lining also helps keep you feet sweat-free and dry. Merino wool transports sweat and moisture away from skin as a vapor. Merino fibers are inherently porous. They’re composed of little plates that moisture vapor can get in between, meaning you're not left feeling wet, cold and clammy after a workout. Merino wool helps you stay warm and dry when you’re moving outdoors.

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Anti-Dirt & Cushion Effect

Waterproof membrane prevents rain, snow, mud, sand, dirt and germs from getting inside your socks. It also offers protection against mosquito bites and much more.

Terry-loop thermal waterproof socks are cushioned to absorb shock and provide long-lasting comfort, providing shock absorbing comfort and ankle impact protection. It helps eliminate foot, leg, and back pain caused by standing or walking for long periods of time.

sandproof waterproof socks

Why You Should Have Water Stop Seal Belt?

  • High Elastic. It stretches easy to accommodates most size legs safely and tightly.
  • Adjustable, soft and comfortable.
  • Removable. You can carry them in your backpack or even your pocket!
  • Reusable.

Why Do You Need Waterproof Socks?

These thermal outdoor socks prevent from cold and numb feet, blisters, frostbite and trench foot. They are ideal for outdoor activities such as water activities and sports, water ski, hiking, fishing, cycling, MTB, running, camping, hunting, golf, kayaking, skiing, skating, mountaineering, stream crossings, bushcraft, triathlon, extreme races, dog walking, commuting, etc.

Great gifts for outdoor workers, trainers, runners, hikers, backpackers, policemen, military personnel, guides, postmen, woodmen, oil workers and drillers.

why do you need waterproof socks

How to use Removable Elastic water stop seal belt?
1. Hold both ends of the water stop seal belt and stretch each end completely.
2. Place the seal belt under the cuff of the sock.
3. Adjust the tightness of the water stop seal belt.
4. Make sure the water stop seal belt is comfortable and tight around the leg.

river crossing waterproof socks
Height: Knee High

knee waterproof socks

Get some pairs for your family and friends as a gift that is functional and beneficial to their foot health.

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Wash Instruction



How to Wash Waterproof Socks, Gloves & Hats?

  • Hand wash or machine wash below 40℃.
  • Drip dry.
  • Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.

When You Use Waterproof Socks:

  1. Waterproof socks are waterproof from the toe to just below the cuff of the sock. Sock cuffs are not waterproof. But you can choose cuff seal belts here for extra protection.
  2. Always wear waterproof socks inside your footwear.
  3. Don't hang in direct sun for several weeks, or socks may lose their elasticity.

waterproof socks care


How To Wash Your Waterproof Rain Jackets?

1. Hand wash please.
2. Waterproof jackets should then be hung up to air dry.


how to wash randy sun waterproof jacket


How to Wash Waterproof Shoes?

  • Hand wash below 40℃.
  • Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.
  • Air dry.


How to Wash RANDY SUN Beach Shoes?

  • Machine washable. Set a gentle cycle (30°C/86°F) and you're good to go!
  • Do not bleach, iron or dry clean.
  • Air dry.